Brow Extensions Options

Our SoMa salon has a ton of great services, including but not limited to, waxing, tanning, eyelash extensions, facials, blowouts, brow extensions, 3D Lash extensions, sugaring and threading. We have experts who have been extensively trained to perform all of our services.

Brow extensions near me
Our SoMa salon is located in San Francisco. Among our many amazing services we offer brow extensions. This particular service has just begun in the United States. Organic Shimmer’s SoMa salon uses a very safe and pain-free process that applies the extension to the skin. This process is done in order to give the client fuller looking brows, that don’t look fake or clump. This particular type of brow extension can last up to 14 days.

For a person who has to draw in any part of their eyebrow this service is a great alternative. There won’t be any more worrying about whether you’re using the right shade or whether you colored in both sides the same. Getting brow extensions and save you time and frustration.

3D Lash Extensions
Along with our superior brow extensions services we offer 3D lash extensions. Depending on the type of look you are going for you may want to consider going with our 3D lash extensions versus the classic lash extensions. The 3D lash extensions give a person much more volume and help make a person’s eye color pop out even more.

Our SoMa salon in San Francisco is here to help you feel more beautiful and more self-confident. Our services ranging from waxing, to extensions, to blowouts, to tanning help a customer with many day-to-day struggles to maintain our bodies in a way that makes us feel more beautiful. Call us today or go online and book an appointment to come in and allow our experts to help you relax and enjoy a little pampering!

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