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Spa San Francisco

Organic Shimmer, our spa in San Francisco, has many treatments and services available. We want you to come in to our salon and relax. We offer organic spray tan, blowouts, waxing hair removal, facials and extensions. And when you leave our salon we want you to feel beautiful.

Organic Airbrush Spray Tan

Organic Shimmer offers an organic spray tan formula that is all-natural. Unlike other spray tan solutions that can leave you looking orange, ours will give you a more natural bronze glow.


Blowouts, unlike a regular dry, do less damage to your hair and allow the style you received at the salon to last longer. Because thermal brushes are being used, less heat is needed to style your hair. Also, getting blowouts at a salon will assure the correct products are being used, for your specific type of hair. Blowouts usually last a minimum of two days, but may last a day or two longer, meaning you won’t have to wash your hair as much either.

Waxing Hair Removal

Our Soma spa in San Francisco has many waxing hair removal options, for both men and women. We use hard wax for the areas that are more sensitive and soft wax for the larger areas. We also offer sugaring and threading as alternatives to waxing.

Organic Shimmer is here to take care of your organic spray tanning, waxing, hair removal, blowouts, facials and eyelash extension needs. All of our employees are well trained and extremely professional. Our facilities are modern and clean. We are here to pamper you and help you relax while making you more beautiful and feeling more confident when you walk out of our doors.

Treatments and Services

At Blow Outs and Bronze/SOMA you can find the following treatments and services. For more information, click the links below:

Organic Shimmer

Organic Airbrush Tan

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Organic Shimmer

Blow Outs

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Organic Shimmer

Eyelash Extensions

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Organic Shimmer

Hair Removal

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