Eyelash Extensions

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Want to wake up and look like you have the world’s best mascara on? Want thicker, fuller and longer lashes? Come in and see one of our eyelash extension specialists to get eyelash extensions! San Francisco knows that we’re the experts in eyelash extensions. We will customize eyelash extensions to fit your specific desired results from the shape, volume and length. During this process, you will be relaxing while we separate your lashes and apply one individual lash extension to each individual lash. Your sexy and flirty lashes will have everyone talking!

For lighter colored lashes, we recommend tinting your lashes to a darker shade, prices for lash tinting are found below.

Full Set Mink Eyelash Extensions   


2 Week Lash Touch Up  


3-4 Week Lash Touch Up   


Extended Lash Fill – Over 4 week touch up   


Lash Removal Both Eyes   


Semi Permanent Lash Lift