Ultraviolet Tanning

Hand made in Italy, state of the art high pressure bed tanning.

Our stand up tanning booth is a power blend of technology, comfort, design and efficiency. This high pressure tanning booth is in a class of it’s own. It is the best tanning booth available and always the highest level in any salon!

The tanning bed is a spacious and open solarium which will give you an all around even tan without feeling claustrophobic.

With 5 tanning units arranged radially around the user’s body – 6 lamps on each upper unit and 5 on each lower unit, plus an intense facial unit with 6 650 W lamps, ensuring eash tanning session that are not only shorter and more effective… but also very comfortable, thanks to a powerful ventilation system, perfect soundproofing and a stereo system.

Stand-up tanning booth