Organic Shimmer Hair Removal Treatments – Waxing, Sugaring,Threading

We all have parts of ourselves, physically, that we don’t love. We may have what we consider to be a bigger nose, or we might have an area of our body that we don’t love, like our stomach. And many of us have unwanted hair, either on our legs, face or underarms. Shaving used to be the only option available but now there are other options: waxing, sugaring or threading.

Find Waxing Salons Near Me
If you are looking for a waxing salon near you then Organic Shimmer is the place for you. We offer waxing, sugaring hair removal and threading. Our SoMa Spa in San Francisco has expert estheticians on staff ready to help you with all your needs.

· Waxing – we offer several different types of wax for several different types of skin, even the most sensitive skin. Here at Organic Shimmer we offer waxing for women and men. Anyone wanting waxing can get their legs, arms, upper lip, chin, etc. done.
· Sugaring Hair Removal – is an alternative to waxing. It is all natural, as it is made with lemon juice, water and sugar. Many clients feel it is less painful than waxing and much less sticky.
· Threading – If you are using any kind of medication that thins your skin or if you have had something else recently waxed you may want to have threading done. Threading is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Our expert estheticians will work with you to determine which service would best suit you: waxing, sugaring hair removal or threading. We would love to have you come into our salon to meet our amazing staff. Organic Shimmer’s staff wants to serve you and help you walk out of our salon feeling more beautiful than when you came in. Call us today or go online and book an appointment!

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